Industrial Welding

Utilizing a virtual reality welding system, students will try their hand at steel welding in a virtual helmet which simulates the real thing in surprising fashion.  This will offer students a look into the balance of art and science that skilled welding requires.  Instructors will aid in making the connection between careers, and the importance of welded metal joints in manufactured everyday use products.

Aerospace Coatings and Paint Technology 

Using a virtual spray-gun painting device, students will experience in 3D what it might be like to paint objects such as a car door or engine cowling.  Once finished, each student can see areas where paint was too thin, too thick, or coated well.  Instructors will then assist students in making the connections between cost and quality.

Aviation Sheet Metal Assembly

Students will have the chance to use a real air powered drill, and rivet gun to assemble two sheets of aluminum. They will learn the proper steps, and safety processes in this high demand career field.

Industrial Robotics

Robotics is fun

3D Printing

Students will have an opportunity to use our 3D Printers to learn about Additive Manufacturing and create a physical object from a three dimensional digital model.

Computer Numerical Controlled Machining (CNC)

CNC is fun and cool.