What We Offer You

Thanks to generous investments from industry, state, and local partners, we are proud to offer you and your students a live interactive program through video conferencing software such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams!

We will guide your students through a hands-on design and construction activity with specific build requirements from us, acting as their customer. Usually this will be a house with specific customer requirements, but we may adjust the design/build activity. After completion, we will ask them to show us their final product and discuss their design choices. Your students will learn how to follow customer requirements in this live program, and in turn, build design and problem-solving skills.

Livestream Structure

Session Structure

Length: 80 Minutes

Students per Session: Up to 100 (split between 4 classrooms)

Note: Please put students in groups of 2-3 prior to the start of their session.

We will begin by introducing the program and explaining to your students what they will experience.  We will have trivia breaks throughout our program. Finally, we will explain the design/build activity and how to use the supplies.

Note: Keep all supplies at the front of the classroom to start. We will ask students to go get them as part of our session.

To finish off each session, our team will discuss technical college education programs available to your students in their nearby area.

What We Need From You

Computer Connected to a Projector and Screen

Webcam / Microphone Connected to a Computer / Tablet

This webcam should be connected to the computer with the projector, but a separate computer or tablet may be used as long as we can see a wide view of the whole class and students can walk up to the camera to interact.

Zoom or Microsoft Teams Software access

Stable wired or wireless Internet Connection

Teacher Support

Please have at least one teacher in each classroom to help us moderate the session and ensure proper behavior is maintained. Each teacher will be responsible for:

• Keeping behavior under control for their assigned classroom
• Keeping supplies until we tell teams to go get them
• Be ready to work with students in their class so that trivia questions can be answered for the whole class
• Be comfortable operating the webcam and microphone setup prior to the livestream in their assigned classroom

Frequently Asked Questions

Thanks to our sponsors, we are able to offer this program to you at no cost.  Please see them on our “Sponsors” page.

We ask that your school supply common supplies such as paper, tape, rulers, scissors, etc.  Any unusual supplies will be provided by the FutureMaker Lab and either delivered to you or mailed prior to your session.

Each classroom will need to have a computer connected to a projector and internet access to allow students to see us.  Additionally, that computer (or a separate one) will need an attached camera and microphone to allow us to see and interact with your students live.

Each standard session is 80 minutes long to match the typical high school block schedule, though we can customize the length on a case-by-case basis.

We can accommodate up to 100 students per session, divided up among 4 classrooms.

We ask that each classroom have at least one teacher present for the sessions to moderate behavior, mute/unmute the microphone for their class, and assist us with participation and student interaction.

We typically do not record our livestreamed programs due to privacy reasons for your students.  In the event we would like to record, we would coordinate that with you prior to our scheduled date to see if it would be feasible.