The FutureMaker Mobile Learning Lab will typically arrive one hour before the sessions are to begin. We will meet with our Point of Contact and check out the layout of the classroom. Then we will proceed to setup the Classroom and the Mobile Lab trailer.

Organizing Student Groups

We recommend group sizes of 20 students for the maximum level of engagement, and can accommodate up to 25 participants per session. The maximum we can support is 25 students per session.

In the typical day, the students arrive in the classroom to start the session. Introductions are made, and then the students will be split into two groups. Group 1 will stay in the classroom, while Group 2 moves out to the Mobile Lab.

Group Rotations 

Each session will run approximately 80 minutes, including passing between the classroom and the Mobile Lab trailer. The breakout for a session are usually:

5 to 7 minutes for introductions and splitting the groups up.

30 minutes for Group 1 in the Classroom, and Group 2 in the Mobile Lab trailer. The the groups will switch places, an do another 30 minutes.

After the second 30 minute period they will all come back together in the classroom for a wrap up of the session.

The Wrap Up portion lasts from 10 to 15 minutes.

Wrap Up

During the wrap up, we will discuss the importance of what they saw, and tried. We will ask them to relate what they saw to their lives. Information is passed out to the student  concerning important educational and career pathways. The process is the repeated for the rest of the day, until all of the sessions are completed. We will then clean up, pack up, and say “Thank you for giving us the opportunity to come out and speak to your students.”

Note 1:We are happy to schedule multi-day visits to accommodate larger schools in a grade.

Note 2: We are happy to offer our service with shorter blocks of time to accommodate your school, but please be aware that some elements of the lab may be skipped / abbreviated in this case.

Available Activities

Here is a list of Activities that are available. We can bring two to four of these at a time.

3D Computers

Virtual Welder

Virtual Paint


Robotic Arm

3D Printers

CNC Machines