Participants interact with high-demand careers hands-on inside the FutureMaker Mobile Learning Lab using virtual and actual tools.

Participants are guided in exploration of science topics such as gravity, electricity, and anatomy in the classroom utilizing augmented reality zSpace Computers.

Activities are designed to meet Kansas State Department of Education (KSDE) math and science standards. Schedule the FutureMaker lab to supplement your math, science or Career Technical Education (CTE) curriculum.

zSpace provides students with 3D virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences allowing users to interact and manipulate models.

Students will try their hand at MIG welding in a virtual helmet which simulates the real thing.  This will offer students a look into the skill sets that welding requires.

The students will experience in 3-D what it might be like to paint objects like a motorcycle fender within a virtual reality environment. Once finished our demonstrator’s will explain where the paint was too thin, too thick, or coated well.

You will be able to drill and rivet an actual aircraft standard rivet into airplane grade aluminum. Just like you were building airplane skins in one of the aviation factories.

The FutureMaker program will introduce students and guests into the highly technical field of industrial robotics.

Students will choose a digital print file, and then run that file on the 3-D Printer. They will learn about the process of layering material to create a physical 3-D model.

This program will allow students and guests to learn about Subtractive Manufacturing to choose a design and run the Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machining operations.

“Enjoyed the program. A lot of the students enjoyed the 3D computer challenge the most. The information about job opportunities and how much money could be made in the industry was also enticing for the students.”

Valley Heights High School

“The students loved the hands on experiences. They also learned about careers they didn’t even know existed.”

Lakin Middle - High School

“Students loved this session! Those that did not attend were envious of the students that got to go!”

Truesdell Middle School

“The best comment of the day came from a student who does not engage in school very often. He said, ‘today when I was on the 3D computer, I felt I finally felt the school had something for me.'”

Centre High School